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Introducing the tool to help you build it. 

Tap-and-drag functionality lets you design your entire property, not just your veggie garden, with hundreds of useful and fun elements, from trees to pools to paths to chicken coops.

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App Features

We created the Home Outside landscape design app as an easy-to-use alternative to highly technical CAD-type design programs—now you don’t even need drawing skills to make beautiful landscape designs! It’s an intuitive tap-and-drag app with over 700 hand-drawn elements that homeowners and design professionals can use to create a property plan or garden layout. 

700+ Elements

With thirty-three palettes of landscape elements, use a wide variety of plan-view icons to represent your house, patios, plants, furniture, activities, etc.


Photo Background

Take or import a photo from your device to use as your design background (useful for importing a photo of your property plan.)


Map it

Plot your property using the Map tool and use it as a base for your design. Your Map image is imported with coordinating scale and north arrow.



Use the margin rulers to guide you in making everything the size you want it to be. Turn on or off and select feet or meters in Settings.


Seat Counter

The Events palette seat counter keeps track of the number of seats you’ve placed for your guests when planning events.



Organize your design with Layers functionality. Lock/unlock and make them visible or invisible. Reorder and rename layers to suit. 



Add a layer of color with the Sketch tool. Sketch in 15 colors with adjustable line weight and opacity for drawing solid lines or a wash of color.



Add text notes with numbered tags to explain features, specify individual plants, and keep track of details. Use in light or dark mode. 


Tap and Drag

Simple tap-and-drag functionality. Move, resize, rotate, duplicate, flip, group/ungroup, zoom, undo/redo to get it just right.


About Home Outside

Home Outside is an online landscape design service created by Julie Moir Messervy Design Studio (JMMDS). Using the same team of landscape architects and designers who create JMMDS’s signature public and residential landscapes as well as a team of talented remote designers, Home Outside offers a streamlined process that saves homeowners time and money. With their Home Outside online landscape design service and app, Messervy and JMMDS are pioneering new ways to bring great landscape design to everyone.


Made with Home Outside

See below for recent landscape design projects created with the Home Outside app.

Easy to use, endless possibilities, and expert design help that is just a click away—get the landscape of your dreams today!